7 Reasons Why SmartLotion® Is Your Doctor-Developed Miracle for Eczema Relief

Is relief just a lotion away? With a 95% success rate, 42,000+ customers say yes...


1. Developed By Leading Dermatologist, Dr. Steve Harlan

Navigating eczema treatments can be daunting, with persistent itching, irritation, and discomfort. Enter SmartLotion®, a standout solution in a sea of over-the-counter remedies. It exists thanks to Dr. Steve Harlan, a dermatologist with over three decades of expertise.

Its formula is founded in medical knowledge, shaped by Dr. Harlan's extensive experience in dermatology. It's not just another skincare product; it's a targeted approach to alleviate the root causes of eczema.

SmartLotion® is about restoring balance to your skin - soothing, minimizing flares, and nurturing it back to health.

2. It Has a 95% Success Rate

Eczema relief can feel like a distant dream when you've tried everything. But here's the game-changer: SmartLotion® has a 95% success rate. This isn't just a number, it's real hope for real relief.

Gone are the days of trial and error. Dr. Harlan spent decades studying eczema so that you don’t have to, and his hard work paid off in a treatment that helps 95% of the patients who try it.

SmartLotion® is the key to relief.

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3. It Clears Up Most Rashes in 2 Weeks Or Less

For anyone struggling with eczema, quick relief is a top priority. That's where SmartLotion® shines, offering most users significant improvement in their skin condition in two weeks or less. This rapid response time is a game-changer in the world of eczema treatment.

Dealing with eczema often means waiting and wondering when a product will start working. But SmartLotion® provides noticeable results in a fraction of the time of usual treatments.

This quick turnaround can mean a world of difference, especially when you've been dealing with the discomfort and frustration of eczema for so long.

4. It Uses a Unique Dual-Action Approach to Preventing Future Flare-Ups

Eczema is a complex condition, and its effective treatment needs more than a one-dimensional approach. This is where SmartLotion®’s dual-action formula kicks in, targeting both: the imbalance of skin bacteria and the body's persistent inflammatory response.

Many eczema treatments on the market focus on just one aspect of the problem, leading to incomplete relief. SmartLotion® comprehensively addresses both the unhealthy skin microbiome and the body's inability to regulate inflammation.

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5. It’s Clinically Proven to Be Safe and Side-Effect Free

SmartLotion® is setting a new standard in eczema treatment with its commitment to safety, free from common steroid-related side effects. This is a significant relief for anyone wary of the usual risks associated with topical steroids.

In a study led by Dr. Steven L Harlan involving 300 patients, not a single case of steroid acne, rebound phenomenon, or perioral dermatitis was reported while using SmartLotion®.

Results like these are rare in dermatological treatments, especially for long-term use. This means with SmartLotion®, you can confidently manage your eczema without the fear of typical steroid side effects, even on delicate facial skin.

6. Over 42,000 Former Eczema Sufferers Are Living Proof It Works

SmartLotion® is a top choice for eczema treatment, proven by over 42,000 customers who have seen real results. Dr. Steve Harlan, the dermatologist behind SmartLotion®, has personally treated over 20,000 patients with it, showing just how much he trusts and believes in this product.

Plus, five other doctors also endorse SmartLotion® and use it in their own practices. This kind of professional support means you’re not just trying another lotion; you’re using a product that medical experts rely on in their own practices.

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7. You Can Try It Risk-Free for 60 Days

Trying SmartLotion® comes with peace of mind, thanks to its 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Finding the right eczema treatment can be a journey filled with uncertainty. That's why HarlanMD offers a no-risk opportunity to experience the benefits of SmartLotion® yourself.

If within 60 days of using SmartLotion® you find that it doesn't meet your expectations, you can reach out for a full refund, no questions asked!

Either you find the eczema relief you've been seeking, or you get your money back.

Hassle-free, worry-free…and eczema-free!


Say Goodbye to Eczema with SmartLotion®!

  • Fast Results
  • Doctor-Developed
  • Endorsed by Experts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Safe and Side-Effect-Free