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7 Eczema-Friendly Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Vacation

Going away on a well-deserved holiday is something many of us look forward to. But before you can even start planning on your vacation, you should first make sure that your eczema won’t act up and ruin a perfectly good holiday. For people who live with eczema, preparing for travel means an entirely different level of preparation and planning for a simple trip. From eczema remedies to eating the right food and having a suitable climate, preparing to go on a holiday isn’t exactly a walk in the park. If you’re one of the many sufferers of eczema, you may learn a thing or two in this guide on how to travel with eczema.

Planning for the Trip

Any trip requires careful planning, no matter where it is or how long you’ll be staying there. For those who have symptoms of eczema, there are a couple more considerations you need to look at before you can say you’re ready for your trip. Wherever you’re heading, consider the following before you even pack your bags.

Check the Climate

For most people, going on vacation means choosing whatever travel destination they fancy spending their time and money on regardless of the climate. But for those who have eczema, the climate will determine if they’re going to enjoy the trip, or it will become a living nightmare. Arid and cold weather can dry out the skin, causing flares or worsening your symptoms. When going to a place like this, it’s best to pack a couple of heavier eczema creams.

Research Your Route and Destination

Wherever you’re headed, you won’t exactly know what kind of things out there could possibly trigger your eczema. What kind of plants or trees will be there? Will there be pollen? Are there thunderstorms and humidity? It’s important to know these things beforehand. It’s also advisable to be extremely familiar with what triggers your symptoms so you can easily avoid these things during the trip. Since one of your biggest adversaries when it comes to eczema triggers is dryness, some people would arrange to drive to their destination in the wee hours of the morning to avoid some of the hotter parts of the day.

It also wouldn’t hurt to check on the weather days or even weeks before your trip. This will help you prepare the right type of clothing, shoes, and any other gear you’ll need to stay comfortable along the way. 

Be Careful with the Food You Eat

Eczema can be triggered by a lot of things, including irritants, dry skin, the weather, and even food.  If you want to make sure your time-off goes as smoothly as possible, you’d do well to avoid those food items that could trigger your symptoms. Make sure you communicate with the restaurant or hotel and ask them the types of food being served at their establishment. At least this will give you an idea of what you can eat before booking a room. In case you don’t have any options, you can just find another hotel that has the type of food that won’t trigger your symptoms.

As an alternative, you can also ask hotels and food establishments if they can accommodate some adjustments on the food they serve for you. It wouldn’t hurt to first inquire about it so you can make the proper arrangements.

Ask About the Bedding

As you may know, certain fabrics can also trigger a reaction. Even if you know what type of clothes to wear and to pack, the place where you’ll be staying may not. In the same vein as inquiring about the food, you can also call ahead and ask hotel attendants about the kind of beddings they use in their rooms. Some fabrics like wool, mohair can be prickly for your skin. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and rayon can cause you to sweat when it comes into contact with your skin. In case you didn’t know, sweat can also trigger eczema symptoms.

Before booking any hotels, make sure they can accommodate this special request and have their beddings change with breathable cotton fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Better yet, you can always bring a couple of beddings yourself just to be sure.

What to Bring

Right before your trip, all that planning and organizing can be a bit overwhelming. So, don’t forget to remind yourself that you need a couple of essential items for grooming and medical purposes. Make sure you all have the following times on a carry-on bag, just in case.

Pack Hygiene and Care Essentials in Travel Sizes

Bring your own moisturizer, soap, conditioner, shampoo, and body wash in travel sizes for convenience. However, make sure you bring enough of them for the trip. You don’t want to run out of any of your topical medications or even your basic hygiene products while in the middle of the trip. That’s because it may not be possible to find any brands that are compatible with your skin wherever it is you’re going. Don’t even attempt to use the soap provided by the hotel or resort.

Bring All Your Eczema Remedies and Backups

Yes, you read that right. You need to bring back up bottles and sachets of your creams and lotions. You need to put them in separate pouches, one in your carry-on bag and one in your luggage. That way, if you ever lose one, your vacation isn’t entirely ruined. Make sure to keep all your doctor-prescribed eczema creams and lotions at arm’s reach. Remember, the weather and temperature outside may not cooperate with you, but that could also be the case with the internal temperature and humidity of airplanes and vehicles. So be sure that you have your care pack on hand at all times. 

Bring Change of Clothing

People with eczema have sensitive skin, to say the least. As mentioned above, you can’t just wear just about anything. Make sure you choose clothing made from fabric that won’t irritate your skin or trigger the symptoms. Also, don’t forget to dress in layers. Getting overheated or too cold can trigger eczema flares for many.


Eczema is a severe condition that requires an immense amount of care. If you want to make the most out of your holiday without being bothered by your skin, then you best remember these tips and be ready at all times.

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