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Living as a Teen With Eczema: What You Can Do to Cope With Your Condition

People often strive to achieve smooth, supple, and soft skin since it plays a heavy role in one’s appearance, so it’s only natural that breakouts and flare-ups can deal a negative blow to a person’s confidence. It’s even more complicated if the skin issue is as problematic as eczema, especially for teenagers who are already dealing with the awkwardness of this phase. 

Skin conditions like eczema can lead to skin rife with red streaks and small, fluid-filled bumps that ooze out. It’s an uncomfortable feeling as the itchiness takes over, making this grave form of skin irritation insufferable to handle. 

While there’s no cure, there are ways teenagers can lead a normal life free from the discomfort eczema brings. Or at least, mitigate the triggers as much as possible to strengthen their immune system and ease the burden of this condition. 

What Can Your Teen Do to Deal With Eczema? 

  1. Moisturizing every day is key to achieving a radiant and healthy glow, but it’s also an effective way to mitigate eczema since it keeps the skin from being dry and prone to cracking. It’s best to opt for moisturizers with more oil than water since it’s more effective at hydrating the skin and soothing irritation.
  2. Avoid putting on skincare products that irritate your skin, especially well-known triggers like drying soaps, scented lotions, and other harsh beauty products. With that in mind, your teen can calm their skin condition by sticking to beauty products that are non-comedogenic and oil-free.
  3. Take a bath using warm water only since showering under hot temperatures can dry the skin, which can quickly lead to irritation and a flaky-looking appearance. Be sure to use a soft towel and pat gently when drying your skin since abrasive fabrics can also exacerbate eczema flare-ups.
  4. Stay cool — literally and figuratively! A warm and humid environment can set up the stage for eczema triggers, so keeping yourself in a cool and breezy atmosphere should prevent your condition from kicking in. Taking the time to sit back and relax can also help ease flare-ups since stress is known to worsen your eczema. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different Tips to Avoid Eczema Triggers and Lead a Life With Greater Self-Confidence

Living with eczema can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but your skin condition doesn’t have to leave a significant impact on your routine. Adjusting your diet and habit can do wonders for mitigating eczema triggers, though it helps to take proper medications that can help fill in the gaps for your lifestyle changes. 

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