Guide / Slider Testing and Experimentation

•  This guide will help you identify your skin inflammation symptoms.

•  Once you identify your symptoms, click "Yes".

•  You will then get your Guide Results, with detailed instructions on how to alleviate your unique symptoms while using SmartLotion®.

Do you struggle with FACIAL REDNESS, SCALING and slight itching or stinging, in the eyebrows, central face, or in the crease between the cheek and nose?

Do you struggle with FACIAL patchy redness with small bumps and slight scaling on the chin, or just lateral to the mouth, nose, or eyes?

Do you struggle with FACIAL or NECK red slightly scaling PATCHES with prominent ITCHING, on the lateral face, ears, neck or jaw line?

Do you struggle with SHAVING RASHES on the neck or legs or pubic area?

Do you struggle with SUN DAMAGE and FACIAL and SCALP REDNESS, with small sandpaper-ROUGH SPOTS that are sensitive?

Do you struggle with HEAT RELATED PIMPLES AND BUMPS on the TRUNK or legs or pubic area?

Do you struggle with FLEXURE RASH in the UNDERARMS/GROIN area or under the breasts, or in the fold of the tummy?

Do you struggle with IRRITATION FROM ACNE TREATMENTS or red irritated “combination skin” with acne blemishes?

Do you struggle with CHRONIC SUN DAMAGE that stays RED, ROUGH, or scaly?

Do you struggle with red VERY ITCHY scaling patches with prominent itching, on the WRISTS, ARMS, OR BACK OF THE KNEES, ankles, or back of the hands?

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