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Share your SmartLotion® success story, earn rewards!

So you've tried SmartLotion®, and it's working... great! We are absolutely thrilled for you. We love hearing about the weight lifted off of our customer's shoulders when they realize that they've finally found a product that works for them. We hear it again and again, and it never gets old! 

Also, potential customers LOVE to see the before and afters... and learn about what worked for others. That's why we're offering you rewards if you're willing to share your content. 


We're offering $50 off your next order if you're able to share the following to our support team:

  1. Before & After Pictures (same skin area, camera angle, background)
  2. Before & After Videos (same skin area, camera angle, background)
  3. A selfie video telling your success story
  4. Leave a review on Facebook


Here are some tips to help make sure you get the best content possible:

  • Take your pictures and videos in the same place. For example: If you took your before in your bathroom, take your after in the bathroom as well.
  • Use the same camera angle so the images "line up" as best as possible.
  • When taking your selfie video, stand in the middle of the room and face a window... natural lighting is great. 
  • When taking your selfie video, be mindful of background noise, try to go somewhere quiet to record your story.
  • When taking your selfie video, don't worry about making it perfect. It's OK if you pause to think, or say "Umm...", we can always edit that out. Just be you, show your real emotions and speak from the heart.


Lastly, head on over to https://www.facebook.com/harlanmd/reviews and write a brief review for us.

Your story will help others believe, so they can ultimately find real relief and no longer be held back by their eczema/dermatitis. 

Once you've completed items 1-4, send us an email at support@harlanmd.com so we can issue you your $50 off coupon. 

Thank you for being a part of the HarlanMD family.